I had this idea for a Wall-E costume with moving parts for about a year and it ended up being pretty good and winning a couple of competitions.  I’ve seen some Wall-w’s on here but none that moved their arms, hands, head and on wheels, so I thought I’d give it a go..

It comes in 5 parts

  1.  the body
  2.  the head
  3.  the arms
  4.  the back
  5.  the tracks

First I got a wheel chair from Craigslist  (bit broken but did the job).  Then framed it out with 12 inch Polly pipe. The hardest part, getting a washing machine box. I got mine from Home depot after a constant asking. While at Home Depot I picked up an 8” and a 12” sonic tube (used for setting concrete).  The 8” was for the arms, the 2 small wheels and the medium wheel, the 12 was for the big wheel, and 2 x 3”inch reducing Polly pipes for the eyes. I used 2 bike boxes (from your local bike shop) for the wheels and the tacks. I also used one of boxes for the back of Wall-e and the sides of the arms.

I put the wheelchair legs in the sonic tubes for the arm to make them go up and down to make the hands close and open I used a toy claw. I used a bendy lamp (like the pixar logo) for the head. I used liquid nails to glue it all together and where it needed to be reinforced (the shoulders and parts of the tracks) I used spray foam.

After making each part separately painting them and then putting it all together all I needed to do was climb in through the top and wheel myself around. Had a great night out with it and an easy winner.  Just don’t drink and drive (the wheel chair) like I did and crashed a few times.