My daughter wanted to be Sally from Nightmare before Christmas this year for  Halloween.  Not wanting to spend $50 on an outfit that honestly was going  to fall apart before the end of the night, we set out to make our own.  We  went to JoAnn’s and picked out 14 fat quarters at $1 a piece.  $14 vs. $50  makes a lot more sense in this mama’s head.
I traced a rough shape of her  body on a piece of physician’s paper and cleaned it up a bit, made the lines  straight and set out cutting out pieces.  I then added 1/4 inch seam  allowance and cut out the fabric.  I folded the fabric before I laid down  the pattern pieces so I would have a front side and a back side thus making the  dress reversible.  It was a huge success!
Not wanting my daughter to be  lonely I bought myself a Jack Skellington shirt and crocheted a Jack hat and  coordinating wristers.  I had pin striped pants already so my costume was  super easy.
And now what we’ve all been waiting for….
I present to  you….. Sally!
Oh yeah, we also dressed our dog up as a pumpkin since Jack  is of course The Pumpkin King.