I decided i wanted to be a Peacock for Halloween and was amazed at just how easy it was! I went to the local JoAnn fabrics for most if my stuff. I bought a teal feather boa, mask, peacock feathered earrings, small peacock feathers, tulle and elastic. Got my big feathers on line. Went to walmart and bought a black t-shirt and black yoga pants and was on my way. I had to make sure it was presentable and able to move freely in due to our policies at work.

This did take me a bit of time making the tutu. I chose bright colors, purple, teal and a lime green all with glitter. Ladies if you’re going to use tulle with glitter make sure to spray it with hairspray so you don’t get glitter everywhere. I measured out just how much elastic i was going to need and used an safety pin to adjust it later if need be. Cut the tulle in strips and knotted them around the elastic. I was shocked at just how easy it was to do.

Next I hot glued my small loose peacock feather onto my black shirt mostly on the chest of the shirt to give it he wow detail, and a few on the shoulders. I then cut a piece of cardboard the length of my shoulder. I bought pretty teal sequined elastic and made them into straps and also glued them onto the cardboard. It fit like a backpack. I then got my long and beautiful peacock feathers and stuck them into the cardboard to make my fanned spray just like a peacock. I used the teal feathered boa and covered what was left of the cardboard.

On the day of our Halloween contest at work i went in and strutted my stuff and even “shook my tail feather”

I am a server so we had a lot of fun with the customers haha. My coworkers and guests loved it and I won lost creative costume for the second year in a row.