Every year I strive to create a cooler, more complex (time consuming) costume than the year previous. This year I knew I wanted to create stilts! I made my stilts by using the guide on gGryphern’s youtube page for Digigrade werewolf stilts/legs. They are made from plywood, plastic leg braces, bungee cords and screws and washers.

I then went to Fabric Land and purchased some faux sheep fur and sewed my pants. The hooves are made out of chicken wire covered in paper mache covered in drywall plaster and spray painted black. CAUTION- IT RAINED ON HALLOWEEN AND MY HOOVES GOT VERY SOGGY AND DAMAGED!! I recommend using something that is water resistant if you live in a wet climate like I do!! The horns are made out of blue installation styrofoam and painted with black acrylic paint. I sewed a tail and ears out of the sheep fabric. The tail was sewn onto my pants and the horns and ears were adhered onto a black head band.

I completed the look with a skin toned body suit and creepy white contacts. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!