Well, it all started when my son who has aspergers and OCD decided he wanted to be a minion for Halloween, when he did, my other two did as well, so I looked at a lot of ideas, and didn’t find any easy way of making them.

This is how I Built the Minion Costumes:

  • So i had to find a mold, I used a pop up hamper with a hanging flower basket on top, foam and yellow silk, a lot of glue, and the lids to my canisters ( my kitchen canisters).
  • For his glasses blue jean material, made one and was working on my 2nd one, when my other children decided to be something else, my sister who works at Applebees and has to wear a costume, so I turned her minion into a maid minion.

We attended a costume contest at Walmart here in town and won 1st place 25$. When we were there I had an old man ask to get a picture of Spongebob, I didn’t know how to reply, my son did all the talking, “this isn’t Spongebob, it’s a minion, I am Tim the minion from Despicable Me.” Then we had another contest at a local ice parlor, he won their too, a basket of goodies which shocked me (Ever seen a minion have a meltdown? Throw himself on the ground and cry? I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.) My sister also had a contest for Applebees employees and won a 20$ gift card, the regular minion was more sturdy then the maid because he was made from an old egg crate mattress pad, and he had canister lids for eyes, when I went to make my second minion, I went out and bought a mattress pad, and they are ridiculously thin like 1/8 of an inch, and I had a hard time on her eyes, lol! Every time i told Leighton, we were taking a photo, we wound up with his hands by his head, and in looking at the photo my sister did that too.