After watching sleeping beauty with my daughter I was inspired to create her costume for Halloween. She is truly evil and has a very unique look. I started with the head piece…I ended up finding the base of it in Las Vegas at the Zarkana show gift shop!! I was thrilled because it had the basic shape I needed. I then added the purple strips around the horns with glue and bias tape. I drew and cut out the black portions of the second level of her neck piece and sewed them to the headpiece…then cutout the big collar shape and sewed a cover in black and purple silk and fit the shape inside and sewed it to the headpiece as well. That allowed the collar to stand up the way it needs to when wearing it.  Next I bought lts of black and purple silk..2 trips to the fabric store….created a basic cloak and then added the purple and sewed it up the sides and cut the flame shapes down the sides. I used a long black velvet dress I had for underneath. I bought a raven from the dollar store and painted Diablo’s face on it to look like the one in the movie. I used a curtain rod and a styrofoam ball that I painted bright yellow for her staff and added construction paper for the details. I bought a big ring that looked like hers but had to paint it black with nailpolish to match hers…painted my nails red and then got to work on the make up.. green witch base for my face and hands/arms, heavy purple and green shadow, red lips, heavy black shadowing for the cheeks and false lashes…finishing touch was the bright yellow coloured contacts!!  Everyone loved the costume and little kids were scared! I had several people stop to get their picture taken with me and lots of random compliments…all in all super fun !