Mad Max, these are some of my favorites. The kids were old enough this year to pull it off.

The two year old was supposed to sit on dad’s shoulders but she was combative and defiant and so, for safety reasons, was not put up there. The Aunty Entity costume was made by taking apart a chain mail shirt ring by ring (agh!). Master Blaster helmet was made out of paper mache. I spent months making these. My husband was a real trooper wearing that enormous helmet for hours. My three year old was Aunty Entity and she totally rocked it! She loved all the attention she got. I went as WEZ. I was lucky enough to meet Vernon Wells about two weeks prior and he loved the costume idea! I had never seen a Mad Max family costume before and thought it would be perfect. I ran into a lot of nightmares while making them. The chain mail took weeks to disassemble. I had to ask a few prop makers how to best attach it. I wound up using gorilla glue epoxy which worked out great. The Master Blaster helmet was also a challenge. I had an impossible time getting a dome shape. I remade it about four times. I used black spray paint and wire to finish it along with some silver paint. The Master Blaster rider had a chest piece and hat that I attached some fake leather to. She also had welder goggles. I used the same fake leather on Master Blaster’s belt. We went to a county Halloween party that I and a few friends put on every year for all the kids. We had the best time this year going as a family. I hope to make it our family tradition every year. It was an absolute blast!