I absolutely love my costume for this year, and Halloween in general!! I was Kali, the six-armed Hindu Blue Goddess. A friend of mine, Josh, and I put this together. I found a picture over a year ago and had to make this into a costume. It took us almost two full months to complete the costume, find the right shade of paint and make the extremities for my 6 armed goddess.

We made the arms and hands out of an amazing foam product, that foam was put into molds that were made from mannequin arms and my actual hands (so they would be the right size). It looks like it would be heavy, in fact, it was light and fairly easy to maneuver through a large crowd, which I had been a little concerned about. The bottom two arms moved with my arms by way of bangles and fishing line. I used tights for my arms and legs and put a thin layer of my paint over each so it would match better.

I wore red contacts and fangs, as well as a 3-foot long wig that him and I put together (we just have a black wig extensions). There was a lot of love put into my costume this Halloween, and I am hoping to be shown some love back. Hopefully, if I win, I can take Josh out to a nice dinner for all of his help!