My son wanted to be Frankenstein but I really couldn’t figure out how to make a Frankenstein costume. So I remembered how much he like the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. He wanted his face painted and wanted to be different this year. Perfect, Jack Skellington! He was so excited about it. I got his black church outfit and went and got some supplies. I used white puff paint for the stripes. I started the paint on the jacket first. I hated it so I washed all of the paint off before it dried. Left over night and figured I would start all over the next day. I learned you can’t ever make perfect lines free hand so I just went at it. Took me about 3 days for the jacket because it took the paint about 5 hrs to dry. I did sections at a time so the paint wouldn’t smear. Next game the bat neck piece. I used black felt and black pipe cleaners and sewed all together. I used the black pipe cleaners so I could bend the bat wings. I used puff paint to stripe it up and do the bat face. I got him white gloves, white hair spray and painted his face. It was the hit of the night. We got many compliments and my son got a lot of attention from the costumes. I figured I could throw a Christmas hat on him and he can wear it on Christmas. He was so excited to wear the costume. We had a blast!!!!