I made this cool homemade Halloween costume by getting a pair of white leggings and a white long sleeved top and sewing them together. My leggings didn’t go the whole way to my ankle so I got a pair of knew high socks to wear with the suit. I then started to look at graphs of anatomy and muscular structure of the female body. Once I had assembled a large collection of pictures showing the muscles, tendons and bones that would be visible if you skinned yourself I locked myself in my basement and started to try create this on my suit.

I started off by drawing all the main muscles in on the suit with fabric marker when I was wearing it. This was done so they would all be in the correct places on my body. I wanted it to look as exact in terms of anatomy as I could get. I then took off the suit which haha, is pretty difficult since I decided not to put in a zip in case it made the back pucker. So I was forced to squeeze in and out through the neck of the suit. I then began filling in all the muscles. I used poster paint in red to fill in the area first. Then I put in the ridges in the muscle fibers using black and white for tendons and ligaments. I filled in bones with a mix of a very light grey paint I had made. I did my best to have every muscle in the correct place and linking to the bones in the right spot.

It took me a week of continuous painting locked in my basement to get the suit and socks finished. On the night I then used face paints to make my face look like sections had been cut off of it. I did the lines sharp and flowing so they would look like a knife had been used. I added in white sections to look like bones were slightly exposed. I made the rest of my skin pale looking using light foundation. I used eye make up in black swoops around my eyes to give me a sinister look and painted tears of blood coming from my eyes.

The response to my costume was good. I got a good few wow’s at my local town and when I put a picture of it on my twitter Heidi Klum retweeted it. So I’m pretty happy with it,  a zip would have been a good idea though!