This year, my 10 year old daughter informed me only a week in advance that the local carnival was taking place the following weekend. The big deal being that our local carnival has a different theme to it every year, and so this year, it was “delicacies”… With such a short notice and very small budget for this project (less than 30 euros), and after some good brainstorming and Googling, Gingerbread man of Shrek seemed like the best option. No sewing machine, so this costume is literally handmade.

Just 2 meters of hessian, 1 big needle, some thick linen thread, 1 decoration ball (for the gumdrop buttons), some white lightweight felt fabric and bits of blue and red material (for the icing bits) … and a bit of paint and glitters later…with the help of my daughter and less hours sleep that week: our gingerbread man came up quite nicely.

One major problem though: his head would not stand up still once the costume was on, so ended up recycling an old foam mattress (cut with the big kitchen knife, to try get a half circle shape to put on the top of the head). One big advantage: hessian material is great to use: no need for holes for the eyes as you can easily breathe and see through it!

It was quite a success: the youngest were getting over excited around it. It was a funny game for my daughter’s friends, who had to guess hard who was “hiding” in the costume. And it was great to see that teenagers and adults too were very keen on getting their picture taken with Gingerbread man… Gingy definitely has a special place in people’s heart!

And just very happy to prove, with very little money and very little time, one can still manage to get the magic going.