So my son was dead set on being a ghost…boring…. Since we like to do a family theme, what better way to complement him than Ghosbusters?? All three of our costumes were made from materials we had around the house or dug up at the local Goodwill stores. I really enjoyed putting together the outfit for the female version of a Ghostbuster. The hardest part of the costumes were painting every prop black (patience young padawan), and creating the proton packs and ecto goggles. Spoiler alert.. One of the proton packs we made from my old breast pump case, and the ecto goggles were made from an old diving mask.

Our neighborhood rocks when it comes to Halloween. So you can imagine the fun we had trick-or-treating while people sang the theme song as we walked by, and how often our giga meters went off while we zapped up all the ghouls into our ghost trap. Who you gonna call??