Since we have the perfect body types for Shrek and Fiona the decision for what costumes to wear was easy! I made Fiona’s dress using a Simplicity pattern, ordered the wig online and followed a tutorial on YouTube with step by step instructions how to do Fiona’s makeup. The make up was tricky, and the makeup on my neck and chest flaked off badly after a few hours. Not sure what I could have done differently to prevent this from happening. Shrek’s costume was easy except for the headpiece with the ears, which was a challenge. His  pants are flannel pj bottoms from Target, his top is an off-white sweatshirt from Wal Mart, his belt is from Wal Mart and his shoes are men’s brown corduroy slippers. I made Shrek’s vest out of fake fur and a Simplicity pattern. After looking at several other homemade Shrek headpieces online, I decided to use a latex swim cap with deflated latex balloons for the ogre ears. I stretched the swim cap over a volleyball to give it shape while I painted it. For Shrek’s ears, I simply rolled some foil and slid it into the neck of two deflated latex balloons to keep the ears from flopping over and taped them to the top of the  swim cap. I just pushed the end of the balloons inward to form the funnel shaped ogre ears. While the cap was on the volleyball, I applied latex pain all over the ears and cap with a sponge applicator. We used the same latex paint for Shrek’s face and hands over flesh toned face make up so the color would be consistant with the headpiece/ears. We  had fun making  Shrek’s headpiece together and were the talk of the costume party! We won the award for best costume again!