My favorite color is pink and cats are my favorite animal. So what could be more purrfect than me being my own version of the Pink Panther for Halloween! And after seeing me as the Hot Pink Panther, a local private investigator paid me to dress up in it again to represent him at a local expo!

Hot Pink Panther- Pink tank top was already in my closet. Pink pants I ordered off Amazon. The tail was a black cat tail from a previous Halloween costume that I sewed pink fabric onto. The fabric was actually a t-shirt from a thrift store. I did have to use a belt to attach the tail. The boots I already had in my closet. The ears were old Easter Bunny ears that I cut into a rounded shape and then colored with a pink marker. The hardest part of the costume was painting my skin pink. I mixed white and red facepaint to make a shade of pink. The pink wig and pink elbow gloves were also purchased off Amazon. For an added touch I glued on lashes with pink foil in them. Oh, I also clipped a pink bow in the hair to hold the hair off my eyes.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau – pretty much everything was purchased from a thrift store: the jacket, shirt, tie, shoes, pants. The hat was purchased from a Halloween store. The gloves are winter gloves. And the magnifying glass was borrowed from a relative.