My son wanted to be Atom from the movie Real Steel. I had made robot style costumes before, so my initial idea was to use football shoulder pads like we had used when making him Bumblebee from Transformers. I started browsing craigslist and eBay for any cheap used ones. I came across a used hockey pad set. This was the foundation for our Atom build. I then used some foam padding that I bought from Walmart a couple years ago ( also used in bumblebee) and started cutting the shapes we needed to make his chest, abdomen, and back armor. I used an old frisbee toy from a kids meal to make the circle shape on his back. After we had cut the armor pieces, we spray painted the various armor pieces and cut outs. I used velcro, nuts and bolts, and hot glue to affix the pieces to the shoulder pads. Next we found a cheap fencing mask on eBay to make the head. I used foam to make the shapes above his eyes. I used construction paper, blue LEDs, and a piece of plastic to make the glowing eyes. (Wired to A 9 volt). I also used a blue led to make the chest plate background light up the name Atom. I love doing these projects with my son. I can teach him how to put his imagination to use, give him hands on experience, and spend lots of time with him. We have made several costumes over the years…..but this one is probably my favorite.