So this year for my Halloween costume I decided to be a jellyfish. But not just ANY jellyfish, a biolumenescent Jellyfish! After scouring the internet for other jellyfish costume ideas, as well as some art projects I found I came up with a plan.

My costume’s main structure consisted of a clear bubble dome umbrella, easily found online. I then purchased a few different types of shimmery and iridescent fabrics, probably around 4 yards in total for the main tentacles. I cut the fabric into different width wavy strips and sewed a loose stitch down the center in order to give them more of a wavy scrunchy feel.  I secured them to the outer edge and inner rungs of the umbrella using hot glue. I also lined the top 2/3rds of the bubble with them as well to give it more of a jelly head effect.

Now onto the bio-luminescent part! For this, I used 2 strands of blue LED battery power Xmas lights for the head, and then 7 strands of EL wire in pink, blue and white for the glowing tentacles. I affixed the battery packs to the rungs of the umbrella with a bunch of hot glue and only one fell off the entire night. It looked so cool outside in the dark like an actual floating jellyfish! The blue LED bulbs lit up all the iridescent strips and the EL Wire added some extra light up fun!