My grandson loves baseball and wanted to do something different this year than just a baseball player so we made our grandson a MVP All Star Little League trophy for his costume this year. It turned out awesome.

We used his old baseball uniform top ,pants, socks and cleets and spaypainted them all gold. We used a long sleeved shirt for under his baseball shirt and spay painted only the long sleeves that showed  from under his baseball shirt and the top of collar, so it would be soft against his skin and not just the painted uniform.We bought a used baseball hemet from Goodwill for a couple dollars so we didnt ruin his good hemet and a plastic baseball bat from the Dollar tree and spaypainted them also all gold.  We used about 5 cans of gold spay paint to complete outfit we sprayed them all twice.

I let them air out for about a week so they didnt smell like paint, then my husband built a small box out of wood and we bought 1 yard black shiney fabric from Joann’s fabric. Was about 4.00 dollars and also bought some glitter fabric paint to make the marble look on the box. It was about 4.00 also. We used a white piece of poster board and spaypainted that gold for the name plate on front of box and used 2 in stickers for the writing. We bought the cream gold face paint at Walmart. Went on super easy and came off super easy with soap and water. I was really surprised how easy it went on and washed off and looked awesome.

We spent about 30.00 dollars on the whole thing. We used his old baseball clothing cause  they would have been to small on him the next year but you can find all items at Goodwill or a second hand shop.   My grandson took first pace everywhere we went.  He won 5 first places, was in the newspaper, showed his picture on the news and was all over Facebook and Internet within no time at all. Our whole town was talking about his costume and it was a big hit every where we went. The funny thing though out of all the contests we went  to nobody noticed we had leauge spelt wrong. We didnt notice that. We had mixed the u and g stickers. We just went ahead and left like that rather than to start over and make another name plate and nobody even noticed, lol. The costume turned out amazing.