these headless costumes are always sure to please the crowd, whether it’s a headless Zombie or a headless Celebrity or even as headlessly married.

I first designed one of these just the zombie around 2008 I had even made a rolling coffin from a wheel chair to go with, so that could stand inside and be able to see and move it about until the contest, them wham…. comes open the coffin door and headless guy (me) is inside, I step out and proceed to stumble along as if I have lost my head, sometimes dropping it and struggling to find, lol, the crowd always gets a good laugh out of that.

Sometimes I pair it with a stilted costume called the bat and it becomes Ozzy’s Nightmare, a role reversal of sorts.

It won as just an ordinary headless guy a cpl of times, but it needed pizazz to be competitive in bigger contests, so, I created headless GAGA, as in lady Gaga where it won $2000.00 in a larger style contest, this past Halloween with Miley Syrus being in the spot light I turned it into headless Miley, as Gaga and Miley it was equipped with pryotechnics to enhance the “show” effect or entertainment value f you will?

Miley had pyro streaming from her hair buns( i.e. hair teddy bear ears) and from top of her neck, activated with pull chains on her nipples, lol

I can’t even walk 3 feet without having to stop for more and more pictures, which is a testament to it’s creativity and orginality.

it looks very proportionate in size and most have to do a double take just to make sure what they are seeing isn’t completely real !