I have a hard time having fun.  I’m usually very reserved, and quite against anything that makes me look silly.  Google was first because I lack creativity.  Maybe that’s the reason I never participated before?  This was my first attempt at a homemade costume and it took hours for me to make it look just right.  Out came my husband’s duct tape, sticks, and I set to work. Paper mâché?  I haven’t done that in years! Over the course of a month, after painting and begging my sister for her old wedding dress, out came the final product. I was so excited for Halloween to come!  I went out to a local bar and the reaction was amazing!  I won first place in the women’s division and second place at the office party.  People wanted to take pictures with me and of me.  I am hooked!  I am already thinking of ideas for next year.  I didn’t get any pictures, so this picture is from Jason Stoltz.