I have had enough of princesses.  When my daughter was 3 years old, she was Cinderella for Halloween.  We went to Disneyworld (twice in one year and we live in PA!) and she got all the princesses’ autographs and ate meals with them.  She went to the Bibbidi-boppity-boutique and for a small fortune, was beautified herself into a princess.  She was Mulan when she was 4 as I persuaded her from being Ariel.  Mulan was a step away from Princesses in my eyes….

When she turned 5 and went to kindergarten, I validated her love of princesses, but asked her why not TRY to be something else you LOVE??.  Hands down, my daughter said, “McDonald’s Large Size French Fries.”  Now I promise I do not take my kids to fast food restaurants all the time, but she loves her fries…. from any restaurant or kitchen.  It is her favorite food even the baked ones I make at home!

So my wish came true, no princess costume but I had to come up with fries.  I had some really old foam from a college dorm bed in the basement.  It was a French fry color yellow and aging had made the edges browner.  I used an electric knife and just started cutting long square strips…. all different sizes.  One french fry size surely does not match another!

I used red colored felt to make the container and glued some shirt gift box cardboard to the inside to give it form without being too stiff.  I added the yellow and white strips to the top inside of the box (container) and cut out two arm holes on the red side panels.  I glued those foam strips to the inside of the cardboard leaving a space for my small fry.    I put the yellow M logo on the front with yellow puff paint.

She wore a golden yellow colored long sleeve shirt and matching leggings.  I cut out globs of ketchup from red felt and pinned it to her head.  I used red lipstick to add some more red ketchup on her cheeks.

She was the talk of kindergarten.  She paraded around the neighborhood and people asked us if we had entered any costume contests because she would surely win.  Strangers took her picture.  Someone asked in McDonalds was paying us to advertise for them.

She loved it.  She loves French Fries.  My small fry was a big hit as big fries!