In high school, my close friends and I loved making group costumes for all six of us. Our senior year we decided to be unique and be the important roles in the movie Up. We had Kevin, Carl Fredricksen (me), Ellie, the house with balloons, Russell and Dug the talking dog. These Up Cast costumes were pretty inexpensive as well! Each of us made our own costume. Here’s how my friends and I came about with these awesome costumes! Forgive me if this isn’t too accurate, as it was from a couple of years ago. But I’m sure the pictures will do my descriptions some justice!

Carl Fredricksen:
– White button up shirt
– Brown blazer
– Black suspenders
– Brown leggings
– Brown moccasins
– 3D Glasses frame
– Bow tie
– Grape soda pin made from paper
– Walking cane borrowed from a friend
– Fedora hat

Ellie Fredricksen:
– Pink cardigan
– Pink and white dress
– Old childhood small glasses

– Yellow Polo
– Brown cargo shorts
– Yellow visor
– Orange bandana
– Boy scout shash made from stash
– Hand made badges
– Survival kit: covered a book with hand drawn cover
– Small back pack

– Yellow shirt with felt made to look like house and fence
– Brown short sleeve cardigan
– Balloons from a cheap variety store

– Tan tank top
– Fur vest with belt
– Collar
– Hand made floppy dog ears
– Mittens for paws

– Handmade cap
– Blue shirt with attached feathers
– Hand made skirt made with feathers
– Black leggings

We entered the school’s Halloween costume but didn’t win probably because we were too big of a group. But in my eyes, we definitely won that year! Hope you enjoyed these Up Cast costumes.