I went as the fortune teller Esmeralda. My inspiration came from Zoltar in the movie Big. My boyfriend Kevin constructed the frame and box out of wood I purchased at a hardware store. I wanted it sturdy because it had to go over my wheelchair. We used big pieces of plywood and different sizes of 2×4 and 1×1 for the construction of the box. He sawed out windows and then we put plexiglass in those. I stained the costume and painted crown molding gold. We added casters so I would be able to wheel with the costume. Also added a couple of small holes so I could pass out fortune cards, fortune cookies, and fortune fish as prizes. My dad was a big help too by making extra trips to the hardware store when we needed extra parts.

I came up with all the little small details in the costume that made it pop. I made no sew curtains for the back – super simple and looks great. I bought a black light poster for the cool effect and we added all sorts of lights so people could see me, if I needed to see in the box, etc. The blinking Christmas lights were added last, but really made it look more like a machine. I added gold beads and fringe for more pizzaz! It turned out just like I envisioned. Bonus — all might lights were battery operated!! We cut a little hole in the side so I could get drinks.

I did my own hair and makeup (my friend Chlesea rolled my hair in curlers for me) and designed my own costume by buying bits and pieces throughout the last few months to make my outfit. Most of my clothes I purchased were different belly dancer items. Super cute and comfortable. And jingly. I just don’t want to be wearing the same costume as someone else.

I qualified for Best Overall Costume on Halloween, but did not win. I won Best Overall Costume on November 1st. 2014 at the casino about an hour away from my house and took home $500.

This was one one of the more spendy costumes I have made, but it was well worth it. Heavy, but held up and looked awesome!! I LOVED IT!!

And my boyfriend through on a mullet wig, an old hat and was my carnie for the night. :)