Our family are huge Doctor Who fans!  We’ve wanted to do these costumes for a few years now, but now with two kids to add to the mix, we finally got the chance!  Dear Hubby ordered a new suit, a sonic screwdriver, new shoes and even went so far as to dye his hair and shave off the beard he’s been growing for years!  No Doctor would be complete without one of his “companions”, so of course I had to be Rose – the best companion he’s ever had!

That one was pretty easy, and since I already had a Union Jack shirt and the blonde hair, it was easy to whip together.  Baby P was the “TARDIS”, the Doctor’s time machine.  We live in the frozen North (Wisconsin), so it had to be pretty warm… warm fuzzy pajamas, iron on letters and “patches” and a blue tied together tutu made it super cute and warm!

Finally, Mr C, our almost 4 year old, was the Dalek, the most feared of the Doctor’s enemies!  This one was tough… they have a very specific body type.  My mother suggested we use a styrofoam “rose cone”.  We painted it silver, sliced  styrofoam balls in half, hot glued them on and painted them silver too.  A colander, plastic cups, pipe insulation and a mail box reflector made the helmet.  Finally, a small plunger and a whisk finished it off!  We love the Doctor, and were so excited that a lot of people actually knew who we were!  Enjoy!