I have a stuffed owl that I named Merlin awhile back, so one night when searching for Merlin on the floor somewhere, my fiance and I began discussing the “Sword in the Stone” movie from long ago. That very night we discovered it on Netflix and decided to be King Arthur and Merlin for Halloween.After that night, we also started watching the BBC TV series of Merlin. My costume, Merlin, is inspired by the old movie, and my fiance’s costume is inspired by Prince Arthur on the BBC show.

My Merlin beard is handmade using white and silver yarn. I wore a bathrobe, a Merlin hat, and carried an old book, a stick (for a wand) and a ball from the dollar store that lit up and changed colors to look like magic in my hand. My fiance wore a red fabric tunic and cape that we belted. He cut out a dragon to adhere to the front, and we pinned the cape to the tunic and added a chain and yellow “buttons.” He carried an excalibur, of course, and wore a crown.

Nobody who attended our Halloween party knew who I was at first behind the beard. I used makeup to look old and tried to use an old man Merlin voice. Everyone seemed impressed; we won our own costume contest that night, which was a vote, so we didn’t rig it :)This is the most fun costume I have ever made. We started working on it at the very beginning of September and worked right up through Halloween. We also used our costumes to put on skits for trick-or-treaters! It was a lot of fun and we are really proud of our costumes this year.