My husband and  I love Halloween so much that we got engaged on Halloween night 2006. He hid my ring in a pumpkin that I was to carve.  Once I opened it up, his proposal was complete. I wanted to make him a nice costume cause he likes to be scary . So I screwed two broomstick handles together, wired arms to it and padded it all with plastic bags.

The head was a wad of plastic bags taped to the top of the pole and covered it with a mask we got for a few bucks at the local store. He was a big hit when we went out on the town. People would look up at the reaper head then be startled by his actual head which appeared to be carried by the reaper. We put some grey and black makeup on his face to make him look dead. I loosely draped black cloth down the front just under his chin to cover it up in front and a hooded cape for in the back.