I always like to go all out for my costumes and get creative as possible.  I was having trouble thinking of one.  I was in Austin, TX visiting my brother when he took me to a Halloween store that he worked at, “Lucy is Disguise with Diamonds”.  Nothing was coming to mind.  Then, I saw it.  A BIG reptile arm.  Immediately I thought of Wikus Van Der  Merwe from District 9 when he starts turning into a Prawn.

The reptile arm set off all the creative ideas.  I went online and ordered a reptile contact.  Printed off a MNU badge with Wikus on it from the movie.  Got lots of gauze and fake blood and went at it.  I tried to get it down to a t and I did.  Even to the mustache.   I had so much fun walking around in this costume, people who have seen the movie immediately knew who I was and LOVED it.

People who haven’t seen the film didn’t know who I was but LOVED the costume.  Women freaked out by the arm and the eye.  It was a hit.  It was such a big hit, I wore it two years in a row.  The costume is now retired, but I kept the arm!