I got this adea form a previous picture i seen but it was a baseball player.  I raided my wardrobe and found 3/4 length trousers, a polo t shirt, a v neck jumper, an old watch , sunglasses and an old golf club. The jumper had long sleeves so i cut them off.  I raided the shed for gold metalic paint and all i could find was paint for metal gates, ummm that ill do the trick.  I started of by painting the clothes a yellowy emulsion colour as a base coat to kill off the colour of the clothes.  I spent about an hour every evening for a week painting the clothes then in routation every day i would turn the clothes around an paint the other side.  On day 5 it was time to apply the metalic gold. FUMES GALORE is about all i can say about this paint but it was starting to look good.  For the base of the trophy i made to wee boxes for wood for my feet that was cable tied to my shoes then i added a coat of black paint printed off my slogan “Most Loyal Swinger Award” and attached it to the boxes. I had so much fun wearing this costume when i got into the stride of wearing my big boxed feet.  I got 1st prize in my local bar earning my self a prize, yes a trophy for the trophy, lolol.