I’ve always wanted to do an edward scissorhands costum and this year I broke down and did one. I tried to make the hands as close to the movie ones. Connecting the blades to the hands was the hardest challenge. I used plastic pipe that fit perfectly on my fingers. For the blade part I cut, carved,and sanded different sizes of balsa wood. After the blades were formed I painted them and made them look nice and worn. I glued the blades on tI the plastic pipe. I used thick utility gloves for the base of the hands. I covered the gloves with black fake leather and made it look worn with paint. The metal bars up on my wrist that created the mechanical aspect of the hands were made from sculpting material so it could easily be bent. Parts were sowed , VelcroEd and glued together, FYI the best glue to use is gorilla glue. Gorilla glue does expand so be careful it can get messy. Overall this was one of the funniest costumes I’ve made