This is one of my Costumes for 2013, I made this Cyborge out of thing I found around the house. Like PVC pipe, Old paint can, wires and part from an old computer that was broken. sports gear from a thirft store ect. Wow I have to write 150 words and I only have 53 now. OK lets see I used sme battery packs and LEDs to light up the front and the back. I used old shower parts to make texture for the back. I used a coke bottles for one hand and a piece of plasic with LED and a switch in the bottle to turn on the laser look. We also did some other Costumes but I don’t know if I have 150 words to write about all that. Well we went to a party over a friends house and had a great time. I won first place. Next year the party will be at our new house.