To start we needed a trench coat, so we went to the Salvation Army and got the perfect one for $7.99. Next a big jar of Utz cheese balls did the trick for the jar for the head. Thank goodness we had a handy neighbor who sawed off the bottom for us!! We safety pinned some old gloves onto the jacket and hot glued them to the jar. Next, we stuffed the arms and hands and a large backpack with plastic bags, grocery style, so it wouldn’t be too heavy. My eleven year old put on the backpack and then the jacket and we buttoned the top two buttons and he stuck his head out under those and we buttoned the bottom few buttons. We put the jar on his head and stuffed a large amount of plastic bags up top of tge jacket to keep it stiff. The dog was so freaked out he wouldn’t stop barking and everyone loved the costume, including my son. He declared it the “Best Halloween ever!!!”