My nine-year old has been a fan of the Merc With A Mouth for as long as he can read.  So when we saw a teaser for the Deadpool film, he asked if I could turn him into Deadpool.  Challenge accepted.

I toyed with the idea of using a strechy material for the mask, but imagine it would be too difficult to get the shape of Deadpool’s head right.  I decided to use a plain paintball mask I bought from Amazon for about thirty bucks.  It came with a clear primer and best of all it was rigid enough to maintain its shape.  While I was waiting for that to arrive in the mail, I started working on the belt buckle.  I used a cheap click-on light from the dollar store, some foam paper, hot glue, and acrylic paint.

When the mask arrived I had acrylic paint in black but for some reason my red acrylic didn’t look red, so I used a tempura for the red.  Both worked for what it was used for.  On Halloween night it was raining a little and the paint didn’t run so that was a plus.  Then I added some battle damage and painted the eyes.  To paint the eyes I had to make sure my son could see out of the mask.  So I painted the white eyes in over the eyelets, then go back in with a toothpick to punch out the fills.

His over-sized shoes were made with an old pair of boots, some foam axnd paper mache.  Some cardboard on the sides and red spray paint finished them off.

Some old shoulder pads helped give him some bulk.  The shoes took some getting used to.  Overall, I think my son’s transformation was pretty successful.  Some people thought he looked too scary, but he would have it no other way.