We raided the Goodwill and Buffalo exchange. We needed up buying a black suit, a white blouse and black tight leggings for the Mia character. The tie was hand-made in Santa Fe, NM by Santa Fe Stoneworks. We bought our wigs from Spirit Halloween shop. We love the movie and thought that Mia Wallace and Vince Vega from Pulp Fiction would be a fabulous couples’ costume.

The funnest part was the needle that we had to use double-stick tape in order to stay on. It was the final touch to make the costume complete. The entire night, we danced like the characters in the movie and said famous quotes like “oh  man…I shot Marvin” or ” A Royale with Cheese”. Vince Vega carried a gun that we bought at a costume store and then spray-panted black.

Pulp Fiction is a classic cult movie that is a great choice for Halloween. Everyone at the party was laughing because they liked our costume so much.