For the Chucky costume, first I bought striped fabric and Red fabric from the fabric store, each one yard for $2.50 and sewed and seamed it together and with the extra left over fabric, I added it to the bottom of the overalls. Second, I ordered the wig from eBay for 12 dollars.

The overall jumper I ordered as well from eBay, brand new for seven dollars and I took off the middle pocket and got felt letters from Michael’s arts and craft store for five dollars and added it on the overall jumper. For his face, I used some of my foundation to lighten him since he’s caramel complexion and drew the scars on with red eyeliner. The knife I got for a dollar in the store deals. And I used red sneakers he already had instead of buying converses. This was a great costume; we got so many compliments and people stopping to get pictures since they don’t make toddler sizes.