The same year (2012) my son wanted to be Davy Jones for trick or treating, he asked to be something easier for school. My solution…. Billy Butcherson the zombie from Hocus Pocus! It was a costume I made my husband a few years back. I pulled it out, and yay, it fit Joe!  It was a simplicity pirates pattern for the jacket and pants. I bought the shirt and vest at the thrift shop.

The wig was a long black wig that I ratted up with a brush, then rubbed it into some dirt and twigs.  The hair tie is just a scrap piece of material.  On the shirt I sewed shredded gauzy material to the wristbands and made a tie of it around the neck. The makeup was a grayish green base and I used my fingers and a paintbrush to add the black around the eyes, cheekbones and the stitches on his mouth.  He pretended to really have his mouth sewn, so when he’d talk he’d mumble.

I’m also adding a pic of my hubby wearing the same costume.  When he wore it, I went as Winifred Sanderson, and my mom went as Sarah or Mary  We went to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnavale, and were asked many times to pose for pics. It was way too awesome and made me feel famous.