My name is Hadar ,I am  28 years old and I am from Israel. Since I was a little girl I loved that movie Edward Scissors Hand and always wanted to make my own costume and didn’t know how. This is how you can make this costume very easily:

  • one black  turtle neck shirt (which I bought)
  • 2 black gloves
  • shaped plastic for the scissors (any kind of plastic that you can cut with a knife)
  • black tights (which I bought)
  • lots of belts, buckles and metals objects
  • lots of hair mouse or hair jell
  • black and white facial make up
  • high leather boots

Make sure that you practice on your make up before leaving your house. The most important touch is to add lots of metaly things on your clothes. I really enjoyed your website! It is made for people just like me! I am sure that I will get a lot of ideas for my next costume, and you can count on it that I will send you the lovely photos.

Good Luck!