For Halloween my step-son wanted to be comedian Jeff Dunham’s Peanut puppet. The making of the costume was a collective effort of my husband, mother-in-law and myself.

Body suit

Beings that he was going to wear it to school, my main concern was getting the costume on and off without help (I didn’t want him to have to ask for help unzipping the back every time he had to go to the bathroom). I used a common Halloween pattern purchased at my local fabric store along with the faux fur, purple flannel and polyester craft stuffing. I made the costume according to the pattern with the exception of shortening the legs and arms.

I cut out the remainder of the legs with the purple flannel and attached them directly to the costume. I ended the arm holes with elastic to hold the gloves into place. My mother-in-law made the purple gloves by tracing my step-son’s hand and cutting the material out about an inch larger than his hand print and sewed them together. The back side of the faux fur is rough so I lined the inside of the costume with muslin.

I used Velcro in the front center seem to fasten the costume. Using two bowls for a pattern I cut out the purple belly piece. For the belly button I used a quarter and cut out an inch thick piece of Styrofoam and using a small sanding block sanded the edges to form a half sphere. I covered the Styrofoam piece with purple flannel and hand stitched it to the belly piece. I then backed the belly piece with muslin and stuffed it with polyester craft stuffing. Using the walking foot on my sewing machine I stitched the indentation on the chest. I sewed half of the belly piece onto the costume not crossing over the center Velcro. I then used Velcro dots, they hold the other half of the belly piece into place. When my step-son put the costume on he would have to Velcro the front center seem then fold over the belly piece and Velcro it to the other side.


I covered his regular school shoes with blue painters tape. I used the toes of his shoes as a pattern and drew toes coming off the toes of his shoes onto a piece of foam I got at my local craft store. I then built up the toes with extra foam for a smooth transition from toes to foot  (This process does not have to be perfect, the flannel will cover a lot of imperfections). I hot glued the foam to the toes of his shoes. Using the hot glue again I covered the whole shoes including the foam toes with purple flannel. I then hand stitched the purple flannel under the toes to the foam coming up through each toe to make indentations. On the one foot I hot glued a white piece of fabric and then a red piece of fabric. I sewed a strip of white fabric to make the shoe lace and hot glued it into place.


My husband purchased a Power Ranger mask at the thrift store and covered it with super expanding foam found at your local hardware store. After it dried he used a dremel to carve out the outline of Peanuts face. We hot glued purple flannel to the mask and the white felt for the lining of the eyes. With regular water based paint I hand painted the lips. I used blush on the checks. We hot glued green feathers to a wooden skewer, drilled a small hole into the top of the head only puncturing the expanding foam and hot glued the skewer into the hole. For the ears I used foam, cut out an ear shape, covered it with purple flannel, sewed the indention’s and got glued them to the mask.