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Coolest Lion in Cage Costume 11

by Laura D.
(Seattle, WA)

Homemade Lion in Cage Costume

Homemade Lion in Cage Costume

Grrr. There is a very scary lion in this cage! Do not feed! Lion will attack! This costume was for Zoo Day at my school.

BIG cardboard box
Tubes that are used on large paper rolls (talk to any store that carried large paper rolls)
Orange boa
Orange, black, and yellow paint
Computer and printer

This was the combination of a few ideas. I wanted to be a lion but just being a lion was not cool enough, so I added the cage element. I got a refrigerator box from my local appliance store and cut out the front. Then, I bought the paper tube rolls in just the right size so that they were the same height as the box. I glued these in with hot glue, adding paper to some of the tops of the tubes to adjust the height to be exactly right. Then I painted the box and tubes inside and out and cut a hole in the bottom for me to stand.

For the lion, I made the mane out of a boa and created a mask with heavy paper and brightly colored paint. I made the pants and shirt out of yellow fabric as well. Then, I glued ivy around the edges of the cage and even put in speakers that played “The lion sleeps tonight”.

Finally, I found all the danger signs off the Internet I could, and plastered the back of the cage with warnings of all kinds.

People at my school were really impressed and I think this was definitely one of my favorite costumes ever.

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This is incredible! I cant believe you even had speakers attached to this costume! Seriously, I plan on looking to you for all of my costume ideas from now on:)

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Coolest Homemade Strongman Costume

by Jessica H.
(Pearland, Texas)

Homemade Strongman Costume

Homemade Strongman Costume

Homemade Strongman Costume
Homemade Strongman Costume

I thought of dressing my son, Robbie, as a strong man for Halloween shortly after he was born. However, I knew I had to wait patiently for him to be able to walk. I knew the costume would not be as cute as possible unless he was walking and able to take direction to hold the weights.

I had the entire homemade strongman costume laid out in my head from the time he was about two months old. Once I finally started making the costume, the hardest part was finding a leotard that was leopard print, small enough, and wasn't shiny. Everything else came together pretty easily.

I made the belt from thick elastic and made the buckle from foam. the rest of his outfit was completed with black high top Chuck Taylors, gel for his part, and waterproof liquid eye liner for his rad handlebar mustache! The weights were made with a dowel rod and foam balls, all spray painted black.

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Homemade Strongman Costume
by: Autumn

A D O R A B L E!! Aww.. I want one!
Very original costume idea!! I love that you chose a strong man from the 1920s or 30s. The hair down the middle and the mustache are the icing on the cake! Very clever idea.

Love it!
by: Beck

This makes me want to have a little boy just so I can steal this costume idea! So creative and adorable. (and what a handsome kiddo!)

Love this!
by: Dee

I love original costumes --- and this is one of the best I've seen because it's also easy (not only to make, but more importantly, easy of a child to wear). Very creative!!!!!!!

by: Sharon

Great costume!

by: Montemayor

This is soooo cute, I would love for my lil man to have one. :)

Too cute!!!
by: jaycee

very simple yet clever design. I love it.

Too cool
by: Mark and Diane

That is great. I love the idea.

Coolest Homemade Strongman Costume
by: Anonymous

5 stars!!!!!!! How precious.....have to admit one of the cutest costumes I have ever seen. Robbie is adorable! Great job!

Love, Janice and Darrell

How original!
by: HMD

A lot of cute costumes are re-makes of old favorites. I can honestly say that I have never seen a 1-year-old strongman. This is precious.

by: Andrew's Aunt

This is very, very cute - and so clever! Great job.

obvious winner!
by: Anonymous

That little fellow really is a He-Man! The costume is original and extremely cute! Kudos to you both!

The Best
by: Cash's Grandma

The best ever!! A great idea and a really good job putting it together. He is so cute. A first place costume for sure!!!!

Strong Man Costume a Winner!
by: Uncle Nick Aunt Tami

A very creative costume! We loved it! He looks like a little mini-man, so cute :)
This is for sure a prize winning costume!


I love the mustache and shoes! All put together so well!

awsome costume
by: Jessica H

I think this costume shows creativity and is awsome! It is something that others could recreate easily.

I Love It!
by: Terri

This is one of the best costumes on a little kid I've ever seen!

WOW! Where did you find...
by: Edison's mommy

The leotard? I've looked everywhere...did you get it online? Thanks for any help you can provide.



by: beverly

What a cute idea. Not to cumbersome. I hope my son will carry the barbell.

I am so using this costume!
by: April

My family is doing a "circus" theme this year for our Halloween party, I'm the bearded lady, my husband ringmaster, 12yr old daughter tightrope walker, 3yr old daughter tattooed lady & my 1 year old is going to be a strong man. I am so glad I found this you did an amazing job & have inspired me!

by: anabelle

I think that the costume is so adorable!!!
I only wish that my boyfriend was that strong!!!
I <3 it!!!!!!

Too cute!
by: Reena

Oh, I just love this one!! Great idea!! I'm going to make my son a Strongman this year for Halloween!! BTW your son is precious!!!

Baby strongman
by: Anonymous

My family is doing a circus theme for halloween this year too! I'm the bearded lady, my husband is the human cannonball, and my 1 year old (girl!) is the strongman. Your little guy looks so cute, good job!

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Coolest Homemade Circus Ringmaster Costume

by Mari B.
(Phoenix, AZ)

Homemade Circus Ringmaster Costume

Homemade Circus Ringmaster Costume

Materials needed:

Jacket ($5 from thrift store)
Gold rickrack ($2 from fabric store)
Felt top hat ($2 from thrift store)
White shirt
Bow tie
Black pants
Fabric glue

This year our theme was “Circus.” My husband was our Ringmaster. This Homemade Circus Ringmaster Costume is simple and turned out perfectly. We found this amazing red jacket at a thrift store and I fabric glued the gold rickrack to all the edges and around the pockets. I also glued rickrack to the brim of his top hat.

He wore his own white shirt, black pants, and bow tie.

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour

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Coolest Organ Grinder Monkey Costume 5

by Stacia Vawter
(Omaha, NE )

Organ Grinder Monkey Costume

Organ Grinder Monkey Costume

We purchased material and pattern at a local fabric store to make this organ grinder monkey costume. Fortunately for us, Grandma is a great seamstress!

Add a red vest and red hat (created with cardboard to keep the round shape) out of felt, add a little, unbreakable mug, and you have the cutest organ grinder monkey around!

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by: Anonymous

OMG!! I had the same costume 2 years ago for my little one! He was too little to walk, so I carried him along with a box that I "played" as the grinder!!! He won 1st place in our local Halloween Parade!!!

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