Child Halloween costume by , Robyn B., Fort Leonard Wood, MO

My husband is an avid deer hunter and fisherman and our son of course wants to be just like Daddy. He associated the deer with Daddy.

For this costume I didn’t have a pattern so I did a lot of guess estimations. I took a pair of overalls that he could still wear and made a pattern from that.

I bought white felt to attach to the belly because most deer in the south have white bellies. I made a tail out of the brown material and then put white on the underneath attached wire to the inside so that the tail would flip up – hence the white tail deer.

I had found some antlers for this child Halloween costume at a local craft store and attached the ears that I had made from the brown material and then made a head peace to cover his hair.

I also, made hooves for feet to go over hands and foot covers to go over the boots that he wore. They were pointed hooves with brown tips to look like the hooves of a deer.

The costume was a big hit and was the talk of the town – plus my little boy thought I was a super mom for doing it!!