Hey, I dressed up as Medusa in 2010.  I just knew I wanted to be Medusa for the longest time….But, I’m broke as a joke.  So, I came up with the best way for me to dress up in the character I wanted to be for the least amount of money possible because I didn’t have a whole lot of money to splurge.

Medusa traditionally being a a mythical creature that turns her victims into stone had a body of a lady covered in scales with snakes upon her head that would turn her prisoners into stone.  (you’d be imprisoned by looking into her eyes (usually men & they were turned to stone by her glare as she had been scorned by a lover…if I remember correctly?!?)…I have read that she had the most beautiful eyes).

Anyways, I went into my closet & asked my friend to go through hers,  She loaned me a black dress & me bein a bigger girl :) I’m a little self conscience so I covered up with a jacket type shirt & cami as well.  I just wore shoes that I already had.

To create my Medusa look I purchased several packages of small snakes from the Dollar Tree…maybe 3 packs, $3.  I found some gold hairspray for only a buck at my local 5&10 and got two of them.  $2.  I also found assortment of halloween cream makeup on sale there for .50 cents each and got 2 green ones and a yellow…$1.50  I got some black eyeliner, gold eyeliner, & gold lipstick from a Beauty Mart, all $1 each for another $3.as well as the gold bangles that look like snake skin for only $1.  My biggest buy was a set of vampire fangs that I had bought for about $5, and I had a pair of fishnets from previous costumes.

I had an old wig & some crafting wire & my original idea was to wire the snakes and make like a cap out them to sit on my head like a hat or crown…after a few days of working with it, this did not work & left me very frustrated.  I was hosting a Halloween Party & really didn’t have much time to put into creating much but knew I wanted to look as good as I could as cheap & easy as I could.

Anyways, I started by painting my neck & chest yellow like the underbelly of a snake . Then I painted my face outer neck, arms, & legs green.  I wanted to look as if I had scales so I used the black eyeliner to draw scales onto part of my face & all of my arms (surprisingly this didn’t take too long).  I used the fishnets on my legs to resemble scales instead of taking the time to draw on them.  My daughter helped my rubberband the snakes into my hair & I sprayed gold in & around my face & skin for glitter effect.  I made up my eyes & applied make-up,  I originally was gonna do my lips gold but decided  on red & of course I applied the vampire fangs as if they were snake fangs.

I would have loved to have more snakes, bigger ones, and been able to build me a head piece, have one draped around my shoulders/arms/etc. & a belt,  but overall I was very pleased & everyone complimented me on it….although they thought I was a snake lady but got it when I told them Medusa was my inspiration…close enough for me!!!