I  had a hard time decideing  what to make this year .. since i  work in a  family store  ,the costume  couldnt be too scary .. so  after  alot  of thinking ..YODA   seemed  to be  the prefect  costume this  year . I found the perfect  robe  at  a  value village  7.99 $  not bad  then i  went to  a halloween store  and picked up  some  green laytex ..wonderful stuff  ! under 10 bucks  there.then off to  the dollar store  for  cotton balls  and kleenex .  while digging through my halloween  totes  i found  an old mask ..that i  cut  up and  glued together  to make  yoda ears . worked perfect ! and i also found  a halloween  table cloth ..i had bought years ago for my table  .. so i used  that also .. to make myself look  old. so my costume was almost ready  except  i needed  the yoda  walking stick ..so i took my  dog for  a  walk  at the  football  field  wheres  theres  small  bushes  and  found  myself  the  perfect  walking stick . i just  covered  each end with  duct  tape ..  after  putting everything  on   .it  had turned out  great !  everyone  was  so eager  to take pictures  with me  and  they all were  asking me how i  made the costume .. I  ended  up winning  first place  at  the  family store this year   with the costume  all for under  25 bucks !