Costume by An T., Philadelphia, PA

The funniest character costume I ever made was Fook Yu and Fook Mei from the Austin Powers film. I first started by making two really short cheerleading skirts. I didn’t use patterns but you can purchase a cheerleading pattern at almost every fabric store.

For the shirts I bought two inexpensive ribbed crew neck shirts from a women’s fashion store. I cut off a little at the bottom and sewed two white "peter-pan" collars to the neck line. We used felt bought at a craft store to make the ties. Just a little glue and some elastic around the collar and we were almost done.

For the last part of this character costume I purchased 2 back packs that was the perfect color, pink and blue to match our outfits. We decorated them with stickers and nick-knacks.

Lastly we glued felt letters to our back packs to differentiate the costumes. OH! The last but most important accessory we needed… Austin Powers himself.

Total Spent: $ 60

Homemade Austin Powers Character Costume