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Coolest Gwen Stefani Costume

by Lindsay

Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume

Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume

Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume
Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume
Coolest Gwen Stefani Costume

My favorite band is No Doubt, and I love Gwen Stefani. I have always wanted to be her for Halloween, last year I decided to go blonde, and knew it was time to be Gwen and dress up in a Homemade Gwen Stefani Costume. I did leave some brunette for a peekaboo look. I styled my hair just like Gwen’s is on the cover album for Rock Steady. I left curlers in and took them out and created ‘liberty curls’ on the sides of my head. You can find youtube tutorials on how to style your hair like Gwen’s.

Gwen’s classic look on stage is a white ribbed tank (aka wifebeater) and baggy jeans. Gwen likes to cut her tank to show her stomach, she pairs the tank with a neon bra, I chose pink. I had baggy jeans and then wore a rasta colored belt and a scarf in houndstooth pattern, which Gwen wears a lot. I wore LAMB (Gwen’s clothing brand) tennis shoes. For makeup Gwen likes black eyeliner and bright red lipstick. The final touch is a rasta colored wrist sweat band, and an arm warner. I made an arm warmer from a long sock. You cut it so only the leg part is left, and make a snip for your thumb to go in.
You can create different looks just like Gwen, but my look is Gwen’s classic stage outfit.

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Coolest Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

by Jessica H

Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

Homemade Charlie Chaplin Costume

For my son, Robbie's 3rd Halloween, I decided that he would make a cute Charlie Chaplin. The men in my husband's family are known for their big dark eye brows, much like Chaplin's. I knew I had to get a few things right - his mustache, suit, and hat.

After buying a suit, I folded in and pinned the bottom hem. Robbie wore a loose neck tie and his cuffs undone well past the jacket sleeves. I painted on a mustache with waterproof liquid eyeliner and darkened his eyebrows with black mascara. If he had been a little older and squirmed around less, I would have attempted eyeliner around his eyes, but there was no use in even trying.

I couldn't find a bowler hat small enough; however, I did find a derby and no one knew the difference. Lastly, I cut and painted a candy cane yard ornament for the cane. He made the cutest 2 year old Charlie Chaplin!

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by: joyce

He is the cutest Charlie Chaplin!

Very original Charlie
by: Darla

So cute! Very original costume idea.

by: cyndi

How clever! There's no doubt who he is supposed to be.

The Best
by: Shery

What a cute idea! Little Charlie Chaplin is so adorable and cute. Congrats on putting together a really one of a kind costume. The child can move around very easily and safely, while still looking great!! Love it!

by: Amanda

OMG! Jessica you are so creative!!

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Coolest Homemade Boy George Costume

by Lisa

Homemade Boy George Costume

Homemade Boy George Costume

I love love love dressing up for Halloween! I had this Homemade Boy George Costume idea for a few years. I browsed the internet for pictures of him. I went to my local thrift store and bought the leggings and the long plain black jacket.

I cut the sleeves off the jacket and cut the numbers out of felt and hot glued them on. I bought a colorful nightgown at a dept store. Cut the fingers off of those cheap stretchy gloves.
For the hair I bought a cheap wig and inter twined colorful ribbon, bindered all together and clipped it to my own hair. I topped off the hairdo with the iconic Boy George hat (bought at a costume shop).

I added tons and tons of eye makeup. This costume won me 1st place!

Comments for Coolest Homemade Boy George Costume

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This is awesome!!
by: Tara

My mom will be SOexcited to see! Thank you for submitting such a GREAT costume!!

Well Done!
by: the odd~ist, Patrick Barnes

Ya look great! Congrats on winning 1st Place!

Your Boy George Costume Is Amazing
by: Anonymous

Omg Its Fantasic Boy George Costume Ever :)

I Wanted To Know
by: Anonymous

How Did You Make That Outfits Like Boy George 😊

by: Anonymous

How Did You Make Killer Outfits Like Boy George I Been His Fans For A Very Long Time

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