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Coolest Homemade Catwoman Costume 5

by Ashley G
(Kent, Ohio, United States)

Homemade Catwoman Costume

Homemade Catwoman Costume

This is the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman Costume I created. And although the process was lengthy and a bit annoying, it was still pretty enjoyable in the end because Selena Kyle makes her catwoman costume herself in the Batman Returns movie which made me even more like her which was pretty cool and I got a ton of compliments!

The things I bought:
Pair of high heel black boots, white out, black "liquid" "leather look" leggings, black electrical tape, white makeup, red lipstick, black garbage bags, and rubber gloves.

Basically I put on the leggings, boots, then wrapped myself tightly with a garbage bag. Then taped it around tight to shape it right.

Drew/Painted them on the black tape wrapped around in the same patterns Selena does in the film.
*TIP* to not ruin your leggings, make sure to draw the stitches on black tape and put that over the leggings like I did.

Wrap the rubber gloves in black tape. Then cut out long fingernail shapes from a sturdy paper colored silver (pencil), and secure those on with tape.

This was the most tricky to get the right shape and whatnot. Started out with garbage bag to shape on my head and cut it out to look like hers, then i wrapped the whole thing in black tape to make it sturdy. Then for the ears it was just layered black tape.

White face paint from a Halloween kit, then to make it stay on used a super light powder. Hot red lipstick with lipliner, And then dark blue & black heavy eyeshadow and mascara.

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by: Anonymous

i really want to do this- i got to figure out how to reproduce the whole thing without messing up your directions. did you have to cut yourself out or could you wear the costume again?

My catwoman costume
by: Ashley

Yea you pretty much have to do it the day/night you want to wear it and give yourself a few hours minimum to put it all together. I wanted to wear it twice so I had someone cut a straight line down the back so I could get out of it. Then I saved it for the next night and got back in and taped it up!

by: Anonymous

what did you use for claws on your gloves?

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Coolest Catwoman Costume 6

by Heather
(Glasgow , Scotland , UK)

Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Costume

Catwoman Costume
Catwoman Costume

This Catwoman Costume took me ages to make! All in all I think it took me a few months to draw up, take screen dump pictures from the Batman Returns film and catch every angle to make sure I had the stitching in the exact same place. Talk about a geek! Or just serious perving on catwoman!!

The bones corset took me the longest to get right and make the lace up part at the back touch enough to be pulled in tight! I have always loved Batman and especially Catwoman. I made this costume for my boyfriend as a surprise. He was very surprised and amused when I started the whole Catwoman scene in my home haha. I can even crack the whip!

I love it love it love it! It's so warm inside all that PVC. Not one for wearing out clubbing! So I will probably just keep it for dress up in the house. Sexy costume, nearly one of my favourites I have made.

This is very tight and I had to keep fixing it to make it tighter in certain parts to get the desired result. I used PVC, black vinyl, rubber and white wool to make this. Boots were bought and so was the whip! But the rest is all me!

I am Catwoman - hear me roar! rrrrrrraaaaar I am Catwoman - hear me roar!

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Coolest Homemade Catwoman Costume 3

by Tara
(Dorr, MI, USA)

Homemade Catwoman Costume

Homemade Catwoman Costume

I am a cat lover so I had to have a Catwoman Costume for Halloween at least once in my life. There are many variations of Catwoman's costume. Michelle Pfeiffer's makeup and Halle Berry's costume inspired me the most to create my own version.

I already had black liquid leggings, black boots, a black bra, and black belts at home. I did not want to cut up my leggings (because I still regularly wear them) so I left out the tears that were on Halle's costume. The mask I bought and cut the eye holes bigger. The gloves I also bought and painted the nails silver with silver nail polish. I used black eye shadow and black eye liner on my eyes and red lipstick on my lips. Catwoman also uses a variety of weapons so I chose the cat-o-nine-tails, which I also bought.

The costume was cheap to make, and I had a blast being Catwoman for a night.

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Coolest Homemade Catwoman Halloween Costume 2

by Sabina
(Sahuarita, AZ, USA)

Homemade Catwoman Halloween Costume

Homemade Catwoman Halloween Costume

My husband was given a Batman costume this year and I wanted to be something that went with that, so therefore I came up with a Homemade Catwoman Halloween Costume!

I bought this pair of leggings from Wal-mart that looked like leather but weren't, they were just polyester ones, for only $10. Then I went to a bargain store and bought a black spandex leotard for $5., a pair of black gloves and ears and a mask at Party City. And I already owned a pair of black boots.

I just put on the leggings and the leotard over and then the boots, and gloves and mask and I also added a gold belt that I had and was done.

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Coolest Catwoman Costume

by Trixie
(Signal Mountain, TN)

Homemade Catwoman Costume

Homemade Catwoman Costume

Michelle Pfeiffer may have had more fun playing Catwoman in the 1992 productions of Batman Returns. But, I made Catwoman a piece of ART! I spent 2 days of with lots of spandex and white twine to pull this off. I used thin cardboard to make the structure for the mask. This is one solid piece that I had to sew myself into to get the full effect!

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by: riddler765

that's pretty cool!

amazing job
by: Anonymous

You did an amazing job, I loved batman returns, your suit is Hollywood style!

Pretty good
by: G

You look like you followed the details to the stitching closely. Even though Leather is very expensive, PVC (like the one Michelle used in the film) would have worked very well, it's much cheaper than latex, rubber and leather.

by: Anonymous

You really know your art. I'm ready to make me one now!

by: Anonymous

would there be any way you could make me that costume. I've been looking for that costume like crazy.

by: Anonymous

Are you for hire?

homemade catwoman costume
by: ananymous

I've just seen your homemade catwoman costume and I wanted to know if you sew/ make costumes for other people besides yourself. how much is your costume?

by: Todd

Do you have a pictorial of how you did that?

The cat's meow!
by: Anonymous

You are definitely the cat's meow!

by: geido

Simple nice, amazing...¡¡¡ Please, more pictures...

not very like
by: Anonymous

Hm.. why the belt?

by: Anonymous

I love the belt. It really accents the costume perfectly =)

How did you make it?
by: Kyrie

Hey how did you make the costume? Looks great!

by: Anonymous

i agree with the "why the belt" comment...the belt doesn't actually "accent the costume perfectly" because a belt was never a part of the the batman returns costume she's replicating. michelle pfeiffer wore a corset with her catsuit. just sayin'

Absolutely Awesome!!
by: Landooo

I love it!! You're a genius!!

The belt was to hold my whip
by: Trixie

The belt held my whip, which you don't see in these pics. I used several layers of spandex to both keep me warm and keep form well. (I am quite cold blooded.) I don't make these for others, I just fiddle with making a costume for me and my family every year.

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