I really love creating my own costumes because there’s something about the store bought ones that really turns me off. I’m fond of makeup and hiding my face so my first real creation was an attempt at creating something that resembled the Cats Musical play characters.

I started by spending many days visiting our local Value Village looking for some cat print clothing. My mother sewed the ears together on one of those u shaped hair bands. I found some black fur material and cut out bands for my wrists and ankles, a tail, along with a sash type thing over my shoulders. I found a pair of black stretchy gloves for my hands. The spiked dog collar I already had from my early metal days. I found the slippers at a thrift store. I spent about 2 hours doing the makeup and hair (which is mine, no wig).

Everyone really liked it but thought my face was kinda creepy looking. I added a layout of all the components of the costume, as well as the heavy metal version of the same costume. This is probably what you would call the hook that snagged me to get serious about making my own costumes.