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Coolest World Series of Poker Chip Halloween Costume

by Jon C.
(Omaha, NE)

Homemade World Series of Poker Chip Halloween Costume

Homemade World Series of Poker Chip Halloween Costume

My son and I love watching the World Series of Poker on television. When we were trying to come up with a unique Halloween costume, a poker chip seemed like a perfect and fun choice. The costume was easy to design and make, albeit a little time consuming. H

ere’s what you need: a T-shirt, (2) Sportcraft 24” Monster Flying Discs, and a couple packages of heat transfer paper (iron on printer paper).

Design the center of your chip in a word document, print it onto the heat transfer paper, and cut it into a circle. The stripes of the chip are also made by cutting heat transfer paper. When ironing the stripes on it actually works perfectly to have one each above the sleeves, one each a couple inches below the sleeves, and then spaced evenly towards the bottom. I used the shirt seam as a guide to make the front and back even, but in hindsight do this only for the four stripes surrounding the sleeves.

Before ironing the bottom two stripes and center circles, pull the T-shirt over the discs which will naturally form the chip circle. This will show you the correct placement and angle for the final two stripes.

You are 99% done after everything is ironed on the T-shirt. Simply pull the T-shirt back over the two discs and the round chip is created. I did use safety pins to “round out” the shirt bottom and neckline. If you want, wear green underneath to represent the color of the poker table felt. Then, pull the discs apart to slip the T-shirt on and that’s it. The disc centers are soft and stretchy, so it is comfortable to wear.

Total cost: $45.00

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Coolest Slot Machine Costume

by Rob C.
(Plymouth Mi USA)

Homemade Slot Machine Costume

Homemade Slot Machine Costume

I was trying to think of a costume I could use many small lights in to really punch up a costume and what has more crazy lights then a slot machine?

The framework (box) of the Slot Machine Costume was hand cut from reflective foam insulation board (the kind for houses, no fiberglass)and taped together with reflective crome tape. I found some images online of slot machines and printed them out on the color plotter here at work (shhhhh)the "reels" area was laminated with clear sticky shelf paper stuff and set against a hole cut in the box backlit by three LED "tap lights" on a foam shelf.

I used two strings of multi-colored LED "rice" lights to line the front perimeter or the box from the inside through small holes and two LED blinking toys (from dollar store, hard to explain them but they were awesome) to make the shoulder lights.

A black long sleeve shirt with one arm painted silver and black gloves finished it off.

Oddly enough, the campground we always go to for their Halloween weekend lost power soon after dark for an hour and she was the blinking beacon of the streets.

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by: jacquie

kool and i love it how do i make one for my granddaughter

me too
by: Anonymous

i'm being a slot machine also but instead of an 'insert coin here' sign it's going to say 'insert candy here', making a slot and staple a bag inside

do you want to sell
by: Anonymous

Do you what to sell your costume?

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