My friends and I decided to dress up for Halloween as a group and the theme we picked was captains.  We had Captain Morgan/Crunch/Lela/Kirk with me as Captain America.  Since there were so many store bought versions of Captain I decided to make a cheap one out of Card board and Colored Duct Tape.  I choose my design off of the brilliant work of the box hero corps.  If you have not heard of them check them out!  So basically I found a dumpster full of cardboard and went to town cutting the arms/head/legs/hands/feet into wearable segments.  I then bought several rolls of Red, Blue, and White Duct tape and put them over the cardboard body to make the Captain America design.  For the belt I used black craft foam.  The face was drawn on first, and then I got an exacto knife to cut out any sort of black line detail to use as eye holes.  I then used a peach paint to color in the face, and then I redrew the face details in with a sharpie.  All of the detail on the body (Scales/Muscles/Outline) was done with a sharpie as well.  While it was hot and difficult to walk in, I got countless compliments and everyone loved it!