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Coolest Candy Girl Costume 2

by Sarah C
(Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA)

Homemade Candy Girl Costume

Homemade Candy Girl Costume

I made the Homemade Candy Girl Costume by hot-gluing candy Christmas ornaments to a white corset. I included ice cream cones with sprinkles, ribbons, gum drops, a sugar cookie "S" (for my name), suckers, ribbon candy, real pieces of gum, and lifesavers. I had to cut some of the ornaments in half so they could be attached and to take some weight off! There are sprinkles near the top of the corset and bits of cotton balls sprayed pink throughout.

Next I glued real mints to the shoes and had a pink cotton candy skirt with a large mint, sprinkles, and smaller mints on the side. The hair is supposed to be like blue cotton candy with a minty bow and I also have a string of fake mints as a necklace. I even did my nails in a mint swirl, but you may not be able to see them. I found a sweet, candy scented perfume so I would smell the part as well. My make-up consisted of candy pink cheeks and minty fresh white eye shadow. I topped it all off with a big cherry sucker to carry around!

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Coolest Candy Princess Costume

by Jennifer

Homemade Candy Princess Costume

Homemade Candy Princess Costume

My daughter and I were trying to think of a cool costume idea that no one else had done... she loves candy and she is a true princess so we decided to put the two together.

I bought a summer dress, a few bags of dollar tree candy,and a tiara and let the creative juices flow...

We unwrapped most of the candy and put it in a Ziploc (all of the candy in wrappers would have been way too heavy for her). I used a hot glue gun and glued wrappers all over the dress and then randomly added some of the lighter candies still in the pack.

I took the tiara and created a cute design of candy and hot glues it on. It was a very simple costume although applying all of those wrappers did take a very long time!!

It was worth it as she won the school costume contest for the 2nd yr in a row (she was a peacock the first year).

Thanks for checking my idea, I look forward to seeing many more ideas online as well!

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by: Anonymous

That is really cool, I love it!

by: Eva

I love this, I am actually planning on being a candy princess for Halloween this year, and this is a great idea for it.

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