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Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond

I love Toy Story and always wanted to make an awesome Buzz Lightyear costume. You don’t see many of those due to the difficulty of crafting the armor pieces. So I set out researching how to make costume armor. (You'll also find great Buzz Lightyear costume ideas here...)

  • Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond
  • Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond
  • Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond
  • Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond
  • Buzz Lightyear Costume to Infinity and Beyond

Some great resources for me included:

  • Punished Props and the foam armoring books by Bill Doran
  • Evil Ted Smith youtube channel
  • theRPF

I settled on making the armor out of foam (gym and craft foam), since it would be faster to make and light weight (both great things for a Halloween costume). I then had to make templates for it all.

For painting, I started by sealing the foam with a heat gun. I then covered it in Modge-poge followed by several coats of white plasti-dip. I then used rattle-can spray paint for the other colors, and acrylics for the details. I then covered it all with a few coats of clear-coat.

The under suit is mostly just sweats I bought at a thrift store. Looking back, I would probably change the bottoms to white sweats. I then attached the armor with velcro and elastic straps.

The round joints are made from stuffed tubes of spandex. Really simple, but effective.

This Buzz Lightyear costume was fun to make, but be sure to give yourself plenty of time. I gave myself a couple of months so that I wouldn’t have to rush it (also since I have a family and a job to juggle as well). Of course, we then decided to wear the costume for our local Comic Con, which gave me a month less. So finishing the painting and the strapping to hold it all together led to a couple later nights. Not too bad though.

The Buzz Lightyear costume turned out great and was fun to wear. Kids especially loved it. It’s fun when your costume looks good enough that kids don’t look at you like a person in a costume, but rather as the character. It made the effort worthwhile.

Coolest Buzz Lightyear Costume for Preschooler

My son Ezra asked for a Buzz Lightyear costume, and once I was convinced he wasn’t going to change his mind, I started working on it the first weekend in October.

  • Coolest Buzz Lightyear Costume for Preschooler
  • Coolest Buzz Lightyear Costume for Preschooler
  • Coolest Buzz Lightyear Costume for Preschooler

I decided a few elements that were going to be essential to achieve the look I wanted were an oval-shaped spacesuit, creating a “laser” on the right forearm, and using a material that resembled the hard plastic shell; however the costume would also need to be lightweight and easy-on/off so Ezra could maneuver with minimal help at preschool on Halloween. Overall this was a super-fun project, and I loved how Ezra would ask to try on the new pieces as they were ready. My favorite reaction while we were trick-or-treating was from an older boy (7-8 years) in a cool superhero costume who went up to Ezra and said “Hey Buzz!” and gave him a high 5, Ezra was shy but his smile was priceless.

Details on the Buzz Lightyear costume construction:

I did get a number of fantastic ideas online, so thanks everyone for sharing! I hope others can leverage what I did as well. I didn’t have time to put a master plan in place, as this project came together during evenings and sporadic hourly weekend sessions. In order to not be overwhelmed I focused on one element at a time and just jumped in!

Boots: painted his rain boots (got this idea online!) with waterproof acrylic paint, using painting tape to paint the sections. Took several coats of white paint to cover the dark blue boots, but overall was pretty easy and only required a few minutes each evening.

Pants: sewed a quick set of pants based on his pajama bottoms. I happened to have about 1.5 yards of white “pleather” on hand and thought this would be the best look for the space suit. This fabric was leftover from an “80’s day” effort where I made a simple white smock for a Devo costume, and I was not going to let an opportunity slip by to work with materials already on hand!

Oval chest piece: I cruised the aisles of the craft store for inspiration, and ended up with a piece of floral wire (honeycomb pattern, 12” x 36”) and some green foam. I bent the wire into an oval shape, removed the excess and cut armholes with wire cutters, and used lots of masking tape to secure the loose ends of wire. Many small scratches later, I secured the 1” foam around the body using surprisingly versatile lengths of floral wire, and then hot glued the pleather to the body. When Ezra saw progress at this point I was rewarded with a “good job, mommy!” Then I layered on a thinner piece of foam to create the 3-D look including the buttons, with which I had some “help”. Applied purple stripe and green edge detail with Duck Tape. There weren’t any wire ends sticking out on the inside, but I covered it with white Duck Tape anyway which made the on/off effort very smooth.

Buzz Lightyear Costume Wings: constructed a set of wings from cardboard and brads that could be simultaneously raised and lowered with a single pull string. Covered with Duck Tape before attaching. Made a loop at the end and inserted a wire hook near the waist of the body so the wings could stay up. This was useful while trick-or-treating as we had to lower the wings a few times when there was a crowd. I did come across some instructions online but instead just kept trying different things until it came together.

Shirt and hood: I found a black t-shirt and a gray long-sleeved shirt at the thrift store, and sewed the gray sleeves onto the t-shirt to get the right colors. Unfortunately I didn’t think through that when Ezra would not be wearing the space suit, he would be walking around with a shirt that said “Queasy made Easy!” I think a women’s XS promotional shirt (?) must have found its way to the boys’ clothes rack. Then I sewed a purple hood onto the back of the shirt using one of his sweatshirts as a guide. I found the arm decals online but made the chest one on power point, all were taped on with clear packing tape.

Black piping: Used flexible household wire covers from the hardware store, these were attached to the shirt with Velcro and I fashioned a hook in the back out of the floral wire. This piece probably had the lowest reward:effort ratio.

Gauntlets and “laser”: For each of the gauntlets I punched the hole out of a paper cup (also saw this online) and then wrapped it with Duck Tape, I found red LED lights at Jo-Ann’s and taped one to the inside of one gauntlet and used scrap pieces of foam to angle the light so it “pointed” straight ahead.

Here’s hoping little brother (currently 22 months) will want to be Buzz Lightyear in 2015. To infinity and beyond!

Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume

Ok guys, (or should I say Gal’s) ;) here are the amazing yet quite simple ingredients for this FIERCE, FUN, RIDICULOUSLY COLORFUL Buzz Lightyear costume.

  • Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume
  • Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume
  • Just Sexy Enough (but not too risky) Buzz Lightyear Costume

I used awhite long sleeved dress $13 from Forever 21, kids wing pack $19.99 @ Party City, white toe-in ladies tights $6 from Target, and bright green Tutu $6 from the amazing (be sure to order way ahead of time to allow for shipping) Everything else aside from Tutu I bought on HALLOWEEN DAY! Probably don’t do that! ;)

Now for the FUN Part, putting it all together. Go ahead and put the dress on, making sure it fits nicely. Then proceed with slipping on those white tights. You should look something similar to a Q-Tip (ha ha) Great! Ok, like I said this costume is particularly for an adult, as I am a 31 year old adult woman, lol! So with that being said, I found myself having to think quickly after I opened the packaging with-holding the kids size “Wing Pack”. (which CLEARLY says for ages 2-5 yrs) I tried and tried multiple times to make this thing fit but; well, just NO! It was then that I realized some snipping would have to take place, considering I couldn’t even get it over my head, and my head is not THAT big! So I chose to cut from the top, splitting the wings from the chest piece. Now, being that I’m a Queen of random creativity, this step in the costume creation was by far my FAVORITE. I literally sat there with two pieces of a “wing pack” (keep in mind all Halloween sales are FINAL and NO RETURNS, ha ha) thinking “CRAP! now what? what am I using to mend these two back together?” I will say that while I would recommend using either green or purple ribbon, possibly suspenders, or even shoestrings, the random green straps that I borrowed from my roommates green bra worked quite amazingly. (Shhhh, don’t tell) After I sewed those on, reconnecting wings back to chest piece it was a perfect fit. If you’re not familiar with needle and string, perhaps try a few safety pins. No poking or bleeding allowed in this process. ;)

Finally, We’re almost done. Hang tight, BREATHE, Ok now go grab a hold of your green Tutu, put it on and fluff it to the maximum. Here’s a helpful hint: Tutu’s do NOT go around your head (wink wink!)

Last but not least, I added what looks like two garter belts. They are actually headbands (fooled ya) that I had lying around, Just to add that extra little POP of Purple. And for some fancy footwear: White boots are absolutely fitting for this costume but however, since I was going to be working a 14 hour day in this amazing outfit, I wore flats for comfort. Oh, and DO NOT forget to make-up that face B-E-A-UTIFULLLLL and make your space face stand out! I used light green eyeliner on the bottom lid and lots of purple shadow on the top lid to give that “Space Rangery glow”.

Hopefully you love to plan ahead and don’t have to wait until the last minute, although I enjoy the “Pressure” at times.

So are we ready or what! Now that you’re in your festive get up, go out and show it off! Get Ready though, because people are going to be staring at you ALL day/night! Now even though I worked most of the day I still kept in character until the End *THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS COSTUME!* I did win the best individual costume contest at my company party partially because I never broke character. Use those Buzz sayings “To Infinity and Beyond”, “I am not a toy, I am a Space Ranger”.This costume was a total Success and so vibrant and fun, you can’t help but catch every eye! Keep in mind that if you have a favorite Mate or BFF, have them dress up as Sheriff Woody and do the whole couples costume idea and “Reach for the Sky” Make sure Woody has the pull string, as he is a pull toy. So much fun to play off each other at work or whatever party you attend.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fun-easy-last minute costume making story and are inspired to take your next Halloween To Infinity and Beyond! Happy Halloween-ing!

DIY Bud-Light Year Costume

This costume was very cost-effective and easy to make! I already had black workout shorts and a green tank top to use for this costume.

  • DIY Bud-Light Year Costume
  • DIY Bud-Light Year Costume

On the tank top I drew the bud light logo in the center and wrote year underneath it. On the top left I drew the red circle button that is on buzz’s suit. On the top right I drew the 3 colored buttons that are on buzz’s suit. Next on the bottom left I drew the spaceranger logo that is normally in the center of buzz’s suit.

I ended up buying a childs sized buzz lightyear blow up jet pack from spirit halloween. This was about $10. I borrowed suspenders from my brother and also used some duct tape to keep the wings on all night.

I bought a 12-pack of budlight cans and used the box to create shin-guards. I used green duct tape to keep them on my legs.

I wore a neon green hat, green socks, and sneakers to finish off the cosutme. I of course drank bud light all night :)

Overall, this costume got a lot of great reactions from people – it even got me a free drink (bud light of course) at 2 bars! A lot of people wanted to take a picture of my costume and a lot of people ended up buying me a bud light.

Cool Buzz Lightyear Costume

This Buzz Lightyear costume is actually quite easy to build. After finding something approximately the right dimensions I paper matched the pieces for the upper part of the body. I cut them down to the correct size and taped them together in the appropriatepositions.

  • Buzz Lightyear Costume

For the midriff I used some black material, stuffed it and sewed it up like doing large piping. The head portion is an old purple t-shirt. I actually stuffed my head into the arm hole to prevent it from slipping down.

The lower portion is an old pair of white pants. The wings are simply cardboard stapled to the torso portion (I took a stapler with me for needed rebuilding because everyone was grabbing the wings).After painting it I added the reflective tape to the upper part of the wings. I even used a 9 volt battery wired to a momentary contact switch, added a Christmas light and socket for the "laser".

My Buzz Lightyear costume was fun to make and got a lot of attention.

Total Spent: $18

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