We were starting to feel a litte “bugged out” after the birth of our 2nd child, and we were getting cabin fever. So it’s only natural to become bugs for halloween. Also, with 2 kids, we didn’t want to pay anything, so we just got a few shirts from the thrift store.

mama and daughter’s butterfly wings were from simple wire hangers covered with either fabric or clear plastic bags., and antennae were from 4th of july hand held “rah rah” cheering items (kinda like pompoms but kinda like wands).

papa’s “crazy bug” arms were just sleeves and gloves, with string holding them together. wings were wire hangers covered in plastic wrap and shiny tape with sharpie “veins” drawn on. (Mask is simple black fabric with half egg shells taped and glued on).

baby’s “very hungry caterpillar” was just a thrift shop shirt cut to size and sewed on pompoms, and we added the eyes onto a old santa elf hat from our first child’s christmas outfit.

Total cost: $8 from thrift store, the rest was all our regular shirts and pants!

We went on parade in our town, and people were a little scared of papa, didn’t know who he was at first. And his outfit is the most obvious goofy homemade way, but his walking (and crawling) bug style is what “sold” the outfit and people were laughing. The spacing of the arms were the key. They moved in unison so well! When we told them we made our own costumes, our friends were amazed! (And a little embarrased of their store-bought typical superhero costumes). And everyone immediately got the eric carle’s very huingry caterpillar theme. I guess when we said “we’re all bugs” they got our sense of humor too.