This is a homemade costume idea I made that is supposed to be a broken doll that reveals the demon within the doll. Ever wonder if your dolls are alive? Watch out or she will get you in your sleep. I spent three weeks just working on making the corset for this outfit.

For the corset I first made a pattern to fit my body. Then I started off with making white cotton mock up of the corset. Then I bought aluminum flat pieces from a hardware store to use as boning because it was much cheaper and sturdier than buying boning. I cut them to size, dipped them in this liquid rubber stuff so the edges would not be sharp, and then sewed them inside a fabric casing.

Next, I made the inner layer of the corset in black cotton. I sewed the boning casing in between the middle white mock up layer and the black inner layer. Next, I VERY carefully measured and cut silk I bought from the craft store to use as the outer layer and painstakingly sewed it to the rest of the pieces, making sure the different sectioned lined up and I did not sew into any of the metal pieces.

While attacking the outer layer I sewed a strip of eyelet into the back between the layers. Lastly I added trim around the edged to cover any hems, laced it up, and it was finally ready to go.

To make the skirt, I bought a ton of tulle and netting, cut long strips and tied a billion of them to ribbon to then secure around my waist. The makeup took awhile to do. I wanted to create a doll face that looked as if it had cracked to reveal the darker evil side the doll had lurking within.

I was super happy with the way it came out. The corset I can use over and over again, and I am very proud that I didn’t give up when making it.